How it Works
How it Works
Get advice to grow your business
Search for an expert

Search for an expert

On the homepage, search our database of experts to find someone in your line of business.
Schedule a call

Schedule a call

Use our system to ask the expert whether they can assist, tell them a bit about you and your business, and find a mutually convenient time to chat.
Call the number we provide

Call the number we provide

We will provide a national number in your country where possible, even if the expert is abroad. Dial this number and enter your PIN.
Get business advice

Get business advice

Chat with the expert - someone who's successful in your trade and can assist you in getting your business to the next level.
Pay and leave feedback

Pay and leave feedback

The expert's per-minute fee is multiplied by the length of the chat. Payment is taken from your registered card. Feedback is then exchanged.


Everyone wants a great experience on Trade Secrets so we kindly request you follow call etiquette...
  • No selling

    No selling

    Our focus is on exchanging advice. Selling is not permitted unless it is requested or incidental.
  • Be attentive

    Be attentive

    It's courteous, more productive, and in the case of driving, safer.
  • Prepare


    Have the information ready - questions you want to ask, business details, advice, etc.
  • Find a suitable place

    Find a suitable place

    Somewhere quiet, easy to focus, relaxed.
  • Arrive on time

    Arrive on time

    1-2 mins early recommended - only standard network charges apply at this stage. Lateness is measured on feedback ratings.
  • Communicate respectfully

    Communicate respectfully

    As with any advice, you won't always agree. Take it easy. End calls politely, even if you're not a perfect match.